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The Difference Between White Names and Ethnic Names

Jasmina: Flower

Elizabeth: Always finds a way to bring conversation back to her semester abroad

Jemisha: Monarch of the night or queen of the darkness

Veronica: Drank most of my spiked seltzers

Jiang: Flowing river with a constant speed

Trevor: Always applies with the same cover letter

Nadzieja: Filled with hope

Jess: Girl I kissed at a 2009 NYE party

Ajani: He who wins the struggle

Craig: Takes intramural dodgeball league TOO seriously

Dzidzorli: There is happiness

Seth: Severe halitosis

Ezekiel: A person who is made stronger by God

Trish: Always referencing a New Yorker article

Vilis: Helmet of determination

Miranda: Queen of the run-on-sentence

Onni: Windfall, godsend, cheerfulness, pleasure

Jess: Refuses to label what we are

Nozomi: Reliable, dependable, trustworthy

Brandon: Told me my laptop was no longer covered by Applecare

Anahera: Majestic and powerful angel

Jennifer: Don’t call her Jenny, she hates that name.

Mirlande: A Black colored bird, a shining sea

Emma: Feels compelled to pronounce croissant, croissant

Eda: A wealthy guardian angel who is well mannered; to strive for wealth

Jess: Makes you move into her place even though you had more square footage

Farvardin: One who protects the good and the pure

Wendy: Says “I love you” way too frivolously

Dzsenifer: A small sea

Ross: Rolls the worst joints

Aahana: Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun

Mark: “Okay that was a practice round, now let’s play for real!”

Caihong: A rainbow in the sky

Jess: Parents are not as open-minded as she is, awkward drive home

Aabhavannan: Light, also means torch bearer who brings light

Sean: Forgets to click ‘accept terms and conditions’ when connecting to Free WiFi

Maali: To be blessed, sanctified

Eric: Unwanted podcast recommendations

Tigran: Shooting or fighting with arrows

Jess: Has the nerve to bring plus one to NYE’s party

Judea: Kind to others, believe in charity, nobel, and blessed

Jess: Savage

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